Interior Architecture – Patricia Blanchet Store

Renovation of the brand’s flagship store and headquarters at the 3rd district in Paris

Turnkey Project

Paris 75010 / France

In 2013, I embarked for the first time to design a store. But, not just any store: the Patricia Blanchet brand flagship store in Paris.

I wanted to experience and escape from the traditional design of shoe stores, where everything is drab and tidy. I opted for a place where each shoe had its niche – its bedroom.

I created a perfect cube, I imagined it red from floor to ceiling, and in it I burrowed several multiform niches covered with gold leaf.

The cube-boutique was inserted in the site of the brand’s offices.

Later on we moved to remodel the workspace, where I chose to remove the wood floor that covered the original mosaic, which I uncovered and left in plain sight, doing likewise for the technical fixtures: we removed the stucco that hid the original limestones from the bearing walls and then, to provide the ensemble with a bit of warmth, I opted for a coating in a range of pink tones. I designed the woodwork, which was made in light and pink oak ranging in tone from strong to pale. The new layout of the space, as well as the various cabinets, provided more work and storage spaces. A meeting room was fashioned, separated from other spaces by a translucent pink glass.

Before/After Floor Plans

1 :  Floor plan before renovation
2 : Floor plan after refurbishment

To compare the 2 plans move the cursor from left to right