Catalina Castro Blanchet

Diversity is perhaps the word that best defines me. I am fortunate to be in a job I am passionate about. 

From Colombia – my native country –

I carry its Soul, its colors, its ancestral traditions, its essence, its joy of living.

From France – my heartland –

and from Paris, this city that I love so much, its style, history, poetry and passion.

I am fashioned from coexistences. Matter and color, architecture, historic preservation and interior design. The beautiful and the functional.

From architecture,

my first formal education, I extract the technique, the comprehensive organization of my jobs, the precision, the personal and professional manner of its execution, the power to fulfill. Designing spaces from a rigorous viewpoint, but also from their most sensitive and functional dimension.

I am attracted to all sorts of spaces … the big, the small. I love the contrast of scale. Precisely because of scale, proportion and the conceptual puzzle that is my ever-present companion, I play with spaces and volumes to the point where I am able to discover in my projects those millimeters we believed were nonexistent. Following this train of thought, I have a particular flair to find a place for new rooms and for all sorts of niches and built-in fixtures. A small corner provides space savings and pure volumes. Space optimization is always a bold challenge I accept, providing added value for my clients.

From my studies in the historic preservation,

I apply my love for the past and the fascination conveyed by the passage of buildings through time. From this field I employ the method to build upon the standing. Rigorous record keeping allows me to detect those elements that must be preserved and heightened. For vintage spaces, I maintain their essence but optimize and adapt them to the present. It is because of these eclecticisms that spaces live and endure over time.

In interior design

what motivates me is the details and the contact with my clients. I like to know who is going to live in the spaces I design, who will enter their intimacy. Understanding that individual allows me to take on spaces in a unique way; each of their needs provides me the elements to imagine their habitat. Respect for the individual, a taste for aesthetics and a delight for detail, lead me to relish and provide an interior design with a personal stamp and specific characteristics designed for each project I complete.

I am made of combinations.

Matter and color. Color is a mood, both temporary and ephemeral. Therefore, in the absence of color, I seek in matter and light the significance of the spaces. Matter is permanent. Materials contain a texture that conditions our senses. Playing with materials, I strive for contrasts that stimulate me and then I transfer to the job.

In short, color and matter define me, as do spaces.

I am made of contrasts, of chiaroscuros. I like to work with light, whether natural or artificial. Light always offers a poetic and a decisive challenge.

Trends or fashions fail to impress or govern my decisions.

I find them uniform and monotonous. To apply trends per se reflects a creative emptiness, a lack of character and effort. For me, it is a challenge to create and not imitate. Mass consumption limits my own search, my own style.

Architecture is my passion,

and I transfer that passion uniquely to each project I carry out, considering its own history and its intrinsic characteristics.

I design each place in a distinct way because the individuals that live in them are themselves unique as well.