Interior Architecture – Bogota

This 310 m2 apartment is located in a high-rise building in Bogotá and was acquired in the blueprint stage.

Turnkey project

Parque 86 La Cabrera – Bogota / Colombia

The distribution was modified according to the wishes and requirements of the clients.

I chose to highlight pure forms that would provide this home with an evident contemporary character. It was obvious for me the need to emphasize from its entryway the resident’s close connection with literature. Therefore, a wooden library frames the corridor on both sides leading into the dining room. In this way the entrance, originally planned as a narrow corridor and a simple passageway, became the axis of the new layout: having widened it considerably, the access way adopted an imposing and theatrical character.

All the elements were assembled by local artisans, with native materials.

The design of the space and its components was carried out entirely on a made to measure basis: wood carpentry (furniture, dressing rooms and doors), metal fixtures in the terraces, kitchen and bathrooms. The oversight of the work was coordinated from France with a local team that followed my plans and guidelines remotely.

Before/After Floor Plans

1 :  Floor plan before renovation
2 : Floor plan after refurbishment

To compare the 2 plans move the cursor from left to righ