Interior Architecture – Ecole Militaire Paris

Complete renovation of a 200 m2 flat

Turnkey Project

Ecole militaire – Paris 75007 / France

This 200 m2 Parisian apartment housed a clinical laboratory for 40 years.

Turnkey project: search for the ideal flat, architectural design, renovation, oversight and execution of the work, precise budget management (and specific advice on decoration).

The first phase of this complete refurbishing consisted of the realization of a detailed study and inventory of all existing elements, applying the methodology of restoration of historical landmarks. The “incorporated” and non-original parts were demolished. During the demolition we discovered an entrance mosaic, which was fully restored.

The spaces and dimensions were cleared as much as possible

in order to enhance the original architecture (including the metal structures embedded in the walls). A contemporary touch was achieved by creating an environment that is both open and dynamic: the kitchen, living room and dining room can be fully integrated into everyday life or converted into independent spaces through sliding doors and panels. Likewise, contemporary materials such as enameled cement were used on the walls and floors of the bathrooms and kitchen, silver leaf on the corridor ceiling. Retro style faucets were chosen and the wooden floors were preserved to their original state. A patina was added on the metal structure to highlight its iron character. The wall and ceiling molding were completely restored.

Before/After Floor Plans

1 : Floor plan before renovation
2 : Floor plan after refurbishment

To compare the 2 plans move the cursor from left to right