Interior Architecture – Arc de Triomphe Paris

This 50 m2 flat, acquired by the client as a second home in Paris, was completely refurbished 

Turnkey Project

Arc de Triomphe – Paris 75008 / France

This small 50m2 apartment, acquired as a second home, was my first turnkey project in Paris.

The assignment: its architectural design, oversight and execution of the work, precise budget management and the complete furnishings. In order to provide the layout with a more ergonomic touch, I cleared the spaces and eliminated some unnecessary partitions. The gray frosted glass kitchen opened into the hallway and was separated from the entrance by a glass bar.

Natural lighting

The hallway and the entrance, originally very dark, gained new light with the creation of a transparency at the top of the bedroom wall. Respecting the client’s request, the toilet was unified into the bathroom, where a laundry closet was also fashioned.

The apartment acquired substantial new natural lighting and new storage spaces.

Before/After Floor plans

1 : Floor plan before renovation
2 :Floor plan after refurbishing

To compare the 2 plans move the cursor from left to right