Architecture – 16 luxury units, Bogota

4 400 m2 apartment building design and construction collaborating with Escalar G. I.

Architecture Design and Construction

Bogota / Colombia

Luxury flats, building design & construction Bogota

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Escalar G. I. for this luxury apartment project in Bogotá. The building has a surface area of ​​4,400 m2 and — for the first time in Colombia — it was sold per cubic meter, hence its name. Each owner had the liberty to intervene in their blueprints during the design process, and as a result each of the 16 lofts was a unique project: 16 different apartments made to measure. The axis for the building’s architectural arrangement is a central cylinder in reinforced concrete housing the elevator.

The stairway revolves around it and in this way distributes the access areas to each floor. The interior space of each apartment emphasizes their double-height through openings and walkways. Exposed brick, designed exclusively for this project, pays homage to the typology of Bogota’s architecture. Exclusive fixtures and finishes for the duplexes were designed for the project and completed with the assistance of local artisans: the brick, the enameled granite on the floors of the common areas, certain overlays, the woodwork in wood and metal, as well as the lighting and garden were also exclusive designs.

Stairway Section – Units Halls

Building Section

First level floor plan

4th level floor plan
Penthouse Floor plan